Coolest Bananas In Pajamas Cake

This Bananas in Pajamas cake was made for my twin boys 2nd birthday. For the cake I used packet butter cake, I needed a packet for each cake. I made my own pattern from a picture of B1 and B2. I drew the shape on the cake with a skewer which leaves a good imprint to cut the shape out.

I prepared a large batch of Vienna icing and added colour as needed. The eyes and mouth was drawn on with writing icing that I got from the supermarket. The slippers are cut marshmallows and the white dots on the eyes were made with melted white choc.

It takes a while to put together (approx 4 hours from start to finish) so I made it the day before and placed in the fridge overnight. I got it out of the fridge approx 1 hour before serving as it’s much nicer at room temp.

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