Coolest Bananas in Pajamas Birthday Cake

I made this Bananas in Pajamas birthday cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday – she LOVES bananas in pajamas! I looked through this website for inspiration and then decided to make it myself.

I found a coloring in picture on the ABC2 website and printed it out. Then I enlarged in on a photocopier – and then re-drew it myself making it a bit ‘fatter’ – chubby bananas made it easier to cut out and ice!

I made 2 cakes in a lamington pan (double cake batch in each – one was my own recipe for a honey cake and the other was a gluten free apple cake). I then pinned the pictures on and cut around it (I cut the legs off and cut them out separately so I could get a whole banana out of one cake).

I made an egg white icing (egg white and sugar) and separated it into 4 batches – then colored them blue, yellow and black (and kept one white).

I iced the top of the head black, the head and hands yellow, the body/arms and legs blue and the feet (shoes) white. I then rolled out fondant and cut stripes and placed them on top. I used flat liquorish to cut out eyes and mouth shape (and added a little white fondant for the inner eyes) and wrote B1 and B2 in bubble paint (we didn’t eat that!! You can get edible paint from supermarket!).

It took me about 2 hrs to ice (plus 20mins to cut out).

My daughter loved it!

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