Coolest Bananas in Pyjamas Birthday Cake

I made this Bananas in Pyjamas birthday cake for my granddaughter’s third birthday. I bought white icing from the supermarket and broke it into 4 pieces. I coloured the main piece yellow using food dye. Using a picture that I copied off the net and cropped as a template, I cut out the basic shape of the bananas from the waist up.

I then smoothed over the edges, particularly around the fingers. I then cut the black tops out of licorice and stuck then into their heads. I cut my template so I just had the pajamas, then rolled out some white icing and cut out the shape of the pajamas, placed it over the bananas and smoothed it on.

I coloured the last piece of icing blue and made the stripes on the pajamas. With a little strip of white I made the collars, then used an icing pen to write on B1 and B2. I smoothed it all over, then cut his mouth and eyes out of licorice and pressed them into the yellow icing. I coloured the final piece of icing green and cut out a shape, using the base of the cake tin as a guide, for the bush and draped it over the bananas, then left the whole thing to dry for a couple of days.

I used 2 packet chocolate cake mixes to make a large round cake and left it to cool. I coloured 2 thirds of the icing blue for the sky and one third green for grass. Using the bush I had made from icing as a guide I marked on where the green icing would go, then spread first the green icing, then the blue icing over the cake.

Finally I lifted my bananas into the cake and finished it off by using a little of the icing to stick on some flowers. I did the icing the day before the party and chilled it in the fridge overnight.

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