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Coolest 3D Elephant Cake

I am usually shown a picture of what someone would like for a cake. I add my personal touches and pride my work in making it look like what is in their mind. The picture was shown to me of an elephant on top of a cake that was made purely of fondant. I was told they wanted a larger edible cake shaped like an elephant. I thought to myself.. wow, that’s a challenge! But expressed, sure I will do it to the best of my ability for you.

I do have the Wilton 3D bear pan so I thought well, I can come up with something. This was for a ten year old little girl’s birthday. I love, love, love making cakes for children because of their reactions to what they think is the best thing in the world! Fills my heart that innocence still exists. The easiest part of this cake was the requested rice crispy treat base for the elephant to sit on. The most difficult part was the trunk and front legs which are also rice crispy treats covered with fondant.

The eyes were colored in on a circle with edible marker. The ears are fondant but were left thicker in order to mold better to the head. I covered the back first with fondant. Next was the lower front part of body up to the face. Next the front legs and trunk were put in. Last was the face so that the face and trunk could be smooth together.

This was very fun to make and decorate. I have never had so many people praise my ability so much as this cake. I thank everyone I am challenged with something new because I would not even know my potential without them! Happy Baking!

Little flowers used for necklace earrings and toe nails.

A better lit picture

Back view with cute little tail!