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Coolest R2D2 Birthday Cake with Jawas

My son didn’t just want a R2D2 cake for his 6th birthday, he wanted Jawas as well. After thinking about the best way to do it, I decided to make the main cake R2D2 and just have Jawa cupcakes surrounding it.

R2D2 was relatively easy, it didn’t need to feed a lot so I just used a 6 inch cake tin and stacked 3 layers. The dome was baked in part of a silicone giant cupcake mold and cut to size. I didn’t bother using a dowel to support it as it wasn’t particularly large or heavy. I used a Madeira sponge recipe as it’s easier to shape and more stable when stacked.

Once I had the body shaped, I covered the whole thing in white fondant, then added the detail with more fondant using a photo as a guide. I was originally planning to add more detail but when I got to this point I thought it looked good and didn’t want to fuss with it too much. The legs are just blocks of fondant.

The cupcakes are chocolate, and were really simple. I just covered them in black icing and piped on chocolate butter cream using a #104 petal tip to make the hood effect. The eyes are yellow fondant.

The cake went down really well with my son and his friends (and their dads!), and it worked out really well as they were able to take away a Jawa cake in their party bags so I didn’t have to cut the cake at his party.

If I did it again, the only change I would make would be to cover the cake board .

Coolest R2D2 Birthday Cake with Jawas

Coolest R2D2 Birthday Cake with Jawas

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