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Coolest Red, White and Blue 4th Of July Cake

I made this 4th Of July Cake using 14″ & 10″ round cake pans, 3 balloon weights which I bought at the dollar store and took them apart and used most of the material, a dozen star picks(purchased at a cake supply store), homemade fondant(which I tinted red, white, and blue), and an under layer of homemade frosting.

I made the cakes according to box recipe,torted and filled them, frosted the cakes, then covered them in fondant. Then I decorated them with fondant stars that I cut out. I took the balloon weights apart. The red, silver, blue tinsil decorations were tied securely together and placed on top of the cake with a strip of fondant wrapped around them to secure them.

The middle of the cake is supported by the balloon weight that I covered in foil and placed on top of the 14″ cake. Then I used the 10″ cake pan to score the fondant on the bottom cake. This is to place the star picks in a circle evenly. I then placed the 10″ cake on top of the weight and star picks. In the middle of the weight I secured it with a wooden dowel to keep it from shifting. The cakes were stacked and secured with four more dowels(wooden sticks).

I then used my decorating bag to write on the cake. I also used the foil that covered the balloon weights and cut them into strips and twisted and sewed them to my cardboard cake circle. My niece and her boyfriend moved to Colorado and were returning for a visit to Wisconsin. It happened to be over 4th of July, so I made her a “Welcome Home” Janelle & Ben cake. Very easy and fun to do. Everyone enjoyed it!

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