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Coolest Homemade 4th of July Cake for a BBQ

I got this idea for a 4th of July Cake from a blog. I decided to give it a try for a BBQ with friends. I must say at first it looked really hard and did not think I could make but let me reassure you it is quite easy. I wish I could say I slaved over it hehe.

Each and every slice of cake was made to look like the American Flag, I did not like the overall look of the cake but when I sliced it everyone at the BBQ were in AWE, kids and grown up love it! Believe me, this will be the talk of your next 4th of July party.

You need to make white cake (any regular white cake recipe you want). Well you will need 3 cakes, one white, one red, and you guessed it, one blue. Use gel paste colors. Level all 3 cakes, take the red and the white and split them horizontal same with the blue, however you will only need one level of blue cake.

Start stacking the cake with the white cake, add frosting and then a red layer, set that aside. The other red layer you will need to remove the center, use a cup or a bowl to cut around it, i preferred a bowl. The red layer will need to have a 2 inch border. At this point the red layer will look like a giant ring, now take the blue layer and do the opposite, use the same bowl or cup to cut the blue circle.

Put frosting on the red layer you had set aside and stack the white one (so now you have white, red and white, more frosting and put the red “ring” and in the middle of that “ring” put the blue layer and “Voila”! Frost and decorate the cake as you wish. Slice and be prepared to amaze your guests! Enjoy!

Homemade 4th of July Cake

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