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Coolest 4th of July Cake

The 4th of July has always been my favorite summertime holiday! So much to look forward to, parades, fireworks, and BBQ’s! I decided this year for my family’s BBQ I would make an extra festive cake. I came up with the idea for decorating by combining a few things I saw by doing a simple Google search for ‘4th of July cakes’, along with the inside design.

I made 2 9 inch round red velvet cakes, 1 9 inch round vanilla cake, and 1 9 inch round blue cake. The blue cake is made my taking half the vanilla batter and dying it blue with AmeriColor Royal Blue gel. Bake those, freeze them, cut all in half horizontally except the blue, then stack from bottom, then up: 1 red layer, frosting, 1 white, frosting, 1 red, frosting.

To get the flag look on the inside you need to cut a 4 inch circle out of the middle of the blue, then stack on the red. Also cut a 4 inch circle from the remaining white and red cakes. Stack the white 4 inch circle inside the blue, frosting, then the red 4 inch circle. Now you are all stacked up, and ready to dirty ice it all. I then covered the sides in red marshmallow fondant, (just regular white MMF colored with AmeriColor Super Red). I made the white stripes going up the sides with white MMF, and also used the Wilton embossing tool to make it look stitched! I topped it off with blue MMF, made by using regular white MMF colored with AmeriColor Royal Blue gel.

I did the edging using white MMF and the stitching tool. Then the best part, 50, yes, count them…50!… white MMF stars on top! I cut them using a mini cookie cutter. Then once at the party I topped it with dried fondant stars in red, white and blue on wire. I made them a few days ahead so they would be dry and stand up, the only problem I ran into is the wires were a little short, so the stars wouldn’t stand directly up…make your wires as tall as the whole cake!

For the shorter cake, I just used the remaining cake and it made somewhat of a reverse flag, the blue 4 inch was in the middle, with the red and white stripes on the outside, if that makes sense. Dirty ice the whole thing, then cover with red fondant. I decorated the outside using medium, small, and mini star cookie cutters with MMF.

Happy Independence Day!

Homemade 4th of July Cake

Homemade 4th of July Cake

Homemade 4th of July Cake

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