Coolest 50 Shades of Gray Book Cake

This cake was made for a friend who never ever shut up about the book 50 Shades of Gray!!!

She was totally amazed at this cake and totally loved it!

It’s made from a simple Victoria sponge cake filled with butter cream and then shaped into the a book shapes before i covered it in royal icing!

I made the tie! the handcuffs and the mask all from royal icing in a gray shade lighter then the gray i covered the book in.

I covered the edges of the book in white icing scoring this to look like pages from a book.

I then added a piece of silver ribbon to act as the book mark and then placed all the items I had made on top of the book overlapping each piece to add to the 3d effect.

I added the author’s name and it just came to life!

So my friend could then eat 50 shades while she read 50 shades.

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