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Awesome Homemade R2D2 Baby Shower Cake

I was asked by a friend to make her daughter a baby shower cake, but there was a twist. It was a Star Wars themed baby shower! What!?! I was totally clueless on what to make. I have to be honest, she came up with the idea for this R2D2 baby shower cake. It was just up to me to make her idea come to life. I’m not a pro, but I was proud of my work!

I did a little research on the layout of R2D2 and his pattern. I make stencils for all the little details to cut out of fondant.

The R2D2 Cake

The cake took 3 8″x2″ round cakes, and 2 6″x4″x2″ cakes.

The top of the robot was a styrofoam dome shape. His body was covered in white fondant and the top in gray. I had to have his body elevated, so I had to use some plumbing parts and attach them to the cake base with a tube that would run up the middle of the cake layers. This also kept the cake sturdy.

I cut each detail piece by hand and added the details with my fondant tools and placed them on the body part of the cake.

The legs are make of Rice Krispie treats. I cut and shaped them as they needed to be and iced them with royal icing so when I placed my fondant on I would have a little bit smoother surface. I also added the details to them. They were placed on the cake with wooden dowels and royal icing.

The arm for the robot was made out of a wooden dowel covered in fondant.

The Baby Carriage Cake

The baby carriage was covered in a basket weave pattern and the top was covered in blue fondant that I had detailed with a weave pattern to make it look more like a blanket. The wheels and shade cover were made out of gum paste that I had allowed to dry for several days. Each wheel was cut with a cookie cutter and then I cut the details out with an exacto knife.

The top was shaped out of half of a ball shaped pan. The carriage also needed to be elevated. I used a styrofoam block that was attached to the base cake board and wooden dowels placed through both. The wheels where placed on with royal icing.

For a safe delivery we made sure to carry the R2D2 baby shower cake in sections and build it once we got to the location of the event.

R2D2 Baby Shower Cake Conclusions

I have to say that my friends had more confidence in me than I did. I thought I had maybe bit off more than I could chew with this one, but once things got going it wasn’t so bad.

So, I am super proud of this cake. I have learned a lot from watching shows like Cake Boss, and Amazing Cakes. I have more fun cakes I have made, but to me this was the one with the biggest WOW factor.

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