My daughter loves the Hungry Caterpillar book, her favorite part is looking at the many colors on the inside cover.  For her second birthday, I wanted to make her cake that looked like the inside cover but I didn’t have a lot of time.

I bought a chocolate cake mix and vanilla frosting, several different color-coated chocolate candies, jelly bellies, and some licorice in different colors. I had the book open while I decorated to get the colors on the cake as close as possible to those in the book, row by row. I used jelly bellies to try to get the different colors in the sun and licorice for its rays.  I used licorice for the 2, and tried to make it look like the caterpillar. I also found a couple of stuffed caterpillars for a $1 each at the Dollar Store to set alongside the cake.

My 4 year old son and my daughter both loved the caterpillars and the cake.