I was asked by my cousin if I could make her daughter a birthday cake for her party. I was super excited and said yes as I made her other daughter’s 3rd birthday cake last year. I went with the classic Barbie Doll cake but a modern take on it. I was so excited to make it as I always from a little girl wanted to make one.

I googled and YouTube various designs and steps into making them. Finally I decided to go with something to make it my own.

I went with a square base (choc), cut it in half, spread choc ganache on one half then sweeten whip cream. Then I made a classic butter cream frosting and used green food coloring to make it a light green to cover the base. I put store bought edible flowers on each corner of the base.

For the Barbie dress I baked another choc cake in a pudding tin, cut it in half and spread with choc ganache and whip sweeten cream like the base. I then dirty iced it and proceeded with the piping.

To pipe I made to colors of icing, purple and pink. Spooned each color into two different disposable piping bags with the tips cut off. Then I put both bags of icing into another bag with a nozzle on it started piping. This creates the two tone effect. I tried the rose effect for the first time. As I got to the top of the dress I stopped put my Barbie doll in and finished piping. The Barbie wasn’t a full size one she was a skipper size barbie.

Finished off with some edible muti-colored butterfly sprinkles and some silver glitter dust. I found a diamanté “5” on a skewer at a local party shop and stuck that in the dress.

Finished! I surprised myself with how well this turned out! I’m no pro but this looks pretty darn good. I’m pretty sure Olivia will love it!