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Forever Barbie Birthday Cake

You know all us girls never grow up and give up our Barbie dolls. When I was asked to bake a friend’s daughter’s 21st cake I jumped at the chance to make a Barbie birthday cake. Having never made a doll cake, I was frightened in case it looked like a toilet doll, you know the ones your granny used to have crocheted and to pride and place  in the bathroom.

The easy part was buying the Barbie ,OMG, how times have changed, gone are the big busted and small waisted dolls ( good for you Matel ) and in place was a fab in  proportion doll.

I didn’t have a doll tin so finally found a 8″ tiffin tin that look kinda like a bell and used an 8″ round to give more height. I used a homemade cake mix of 400g of butter, sugar, flour, eggs and vanilla paste, and for the 8″ single sponge 200g mix. Baked for just over 50 mins, turned out and cooled, made up the butter cream, 500g butter to 1kg box icing sugar.

The fun part ….

Wondered how I was going to core a cake to put Barbie in, found my cookie gun and took cylinder off and  TADA!! I cored  the center of cake. Split the 8″ round and filled with butter cream and strawberry jam,  for the bell shaped I mixed in the strawberry jam to make strawberry butter cream, crumb coated cake and let it rest.

Bought a lovely bright pink cake drum, popped the 8″ cake on top and covered it with pink (off course) sugar paste, measured some plastic dowels and popped these in so it  would support weight of doll cake, used a small cake board removed center so Barbie’s legs would go threw and popped bell shape on top of 8″ cake .

Dress, rolled out pure white sugar paste fondant and covered the top of the bell as you would cover a normal cake, smoothed down the top and let the rest fall in to the pleats. I trimmed round excess to make it even with scissors.

I found some bright pink ribbon for waist and cut out some butterfly’s and a number 21, used edible glue to put them in place. I made some matching bling jewellery with sprinkles.

So enjoyed this cake, my inner child hasn’t gone away.


Forever Barbie Birthday Cake

Forever Barbie Birthday Cake

Forever Barbie Birthday Cake