Coolest Barbie Birthday Cake Ideas

Coolest Barbie Birthday Cake Photos and Tips

For this Barbie birthday cake I used the Wilton wonder mold pan, with a 10-inch round underneath. The bodice is made with fondant and painted with silver luster dust. The roses are buttercream. More Barbie Birthday Cake Ideas Barbie cake by Debbie H., Manchester, England I had more fun getting the doll ready and her … Read more

Coolest Homemade Barbie Cakes

Coolest Barbie Cakes on the Web's Largest Birthday Cake Photo Gallery

If your little girl is into Barbie, this is the cake for you. Barbie cakes are not all that hard to make and my daughter absolutely loved it! The idea for this cake is not a new one. My grandmother made a cake such as this for me when I was little. I started off … Read more

Coolest Barbie Doll Cakes and Barbie Cake Pictures

Coolest Barbie Cake Pictures on the Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Gallery

I got lots of inspiration from the Barbie cake pictures on this site. I made this Barbie cake from scratch. The garden as the base was a chocolate cake and the skirt is a butter cake. For the garden, I used chocolate fingers as the fencing and also the pathway. The flowers are plastic from … Read more

Coolest Homemade Barbie Doll Cake Ideas

Coolest Barbie Doll Cake Photos and Tips

This is a Barbie doll cake I made for my daughter’s 5th birthday. I used three 9” spring form pans for the skirt. I added icing to each layer then covered it in plastic and it went in the freezer overnight. The next day I carved the shape with a knife and used tongs to … Read more

Coolest Barbie Doll Cake Ideas

Coolest Barbie Doll Cake Ideas

I used a real Barbie in the middle of this Barbie doll cake with the old fashioned Barbie cake pan on top of a sheet cake. I traced the swan and freehanded the rest. I piped the basic areas that are higher rather than to try and meticulously add frosting little by little with a … Read more

Coolest Barbie Doll Birthday Cake Ideas

Coolest Barbie Doll Birthday Cake Photos

I made this Barbie doll birthday cake under the skirt using a 2qt. glass measuring cup. I used one cake mix and cooked it for one hour at 325 degrees. I made a 9×13 sheet cake and decorated it with regular frosting. I decorated the skirt with Wilton Ready to use Fondant. I secured the … Read more

Coolest DIY Barbie Skirt Cake Ideas

Coolest Barbie Skirt Cake Photos and Tips

I created this Island Barbie skirt cake for a little girl that turned three years old. I baked a double layer ten inch spice cake for the bottom portion of this cake. For the “skirt” I used the Wilton Wonder Mold pan as well as an additional nine inch round cake (cut to fit). The … Read more

Cool Homemade Princess Doll Cake with Pink Dress

Coolest Princess Doll Cake

A week after my rolled fondant seminar, I tried my skill to put in practice what I learned. It was smooth procedure doing my first ever doll cake. Though, was also with an aim of giving a first hand learning to my 3 grand children who were on their summer vacation. With them, we went … Read more

Forever Barbie Birthday Cake

Forever Barbie Birthday Cake

You know all us girls never grow up and give up our Barbie dolls. When I was asked to bake a friend’s daughter’s 21st cake I jumped at the chance to make a Barbie birthday cake. Having never made a doll cake, I was frightened in case it looked like a toilet doll, you know … Read more

Coolest Barbie Cake

I was asked to make this cake for a friend’s daughter. She saw the Barbie cake I made my granddaughter, Brooke, and she said her daughter insisted on having the same one. I started by making 3 x 8″ round cakes. When they were cold, I cut a small circle out of each cake. I … Read more

Coolest DIY Barbie Cake

Coolest DIY Barbie Cake

It was my granddaughter Brookes birthday November the 5th and she loves Barbie. She’s only 6. It’s Brooke who I learned to bake and decorate cakes for. Well. I decided to make her a Barbie cake. I borrowed one of her Barbie’s and sprayed it with an antibacterial spray to make sure it would be … Read more

Fairytale Barbie Doll Cake

Fairytale Barbie Doll Cake

I made this fairytale Barbie doll cake for my niece’s 5th birthday. Barbie just had to be the theme this year! 5th Birthday Barbie Doll Cake Directions To make the cake I prepped four 8″ rounds and used a basic (WASC) white almond sour cream cake recipe. The filling was a raspberry sauce made with fresh … Read more