My cousin called me up to ask me to make her son an Avengers cake. She sent me a picture for reference, and I thought how cool it would be for Ironman’s chest to actually light up.

Avengers Cake Instructions

  • We first baked all of the cakes and crumb coated them.
  • We then set them in the freezer while we covered the base with fondant and let it dry for a few hours.
  • Next, we made the Thor hammer out of Rice Krispies and covered it in fondant.
  • We took the cakes out the freezer and smoothed out the buttercream in order to have a base for a smooth fondant finish.
  • We decorated the cakes with the Captain America tier at the bottom, Ironman in the center and Thor at the top.
  • After that we carefully carved out a hole into the Ironman tier and inserted the light. I was very excited after I put the light in. It was a struggle to fit the light into the cake but once we got it, it looked awesome.

I sent a picture of the completed cake to my cousin and she loved it. Her son was even more surprised that the cake lit up.