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Coolest Baby Einstein Catepillar Birthday Cake

I decided to make this Baby Einstein Catepillar Birthday Cake after seeing pics of all the other Baby Einstein Catepillar cakes on this site. I purchased the Wilton Sports Ball pan from Michaels and used one box of cake mix for every 2 halves.

I alternated with Chocolate and Yellow Cake mix, the head was a white cake mix, but it was a little soft and kind of hard to work with. For the icing I used the premade tub of Wilton white icing colored with Wilton icing coloring (bought the pack of 8 icing colors, the colors were perfect).

I spread a thin layer of each color icing on each section and then used Wilton tip #14 to make the texture pattern. For the face I used a toothpick to draw the outline of the eyes, mouth and cheeks and then used one of my son’s baby spoons to scoop out the frosting. Then I filled in the scooped out sections with black and red icing.

The antenae are red pipe cleaners and the cake board is just a big piece of foam board like you would use for a school project. The legs and tail are frosted cupcakes. It was a huge hit and well worth the hours it took to make!

3 thoughts on “Coolest Baby Einstein Catepillar Birthday Cake”

  1. I absolutely love the letters for Connor’s name. Did you make those or buy them? I am having a caterpillar cake made for my son’s 2nd birthday and would love to have some unique letters like that but I’m not very artistic! Please let me know at audrafisher@netscape.net.


  2. I also would LOVE to know how you made those super adorable letters. I’m going to make this cake for my daughters 1st bday party and LOVE LOVE LOVE those letters :) Thanks!


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