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Coolest Ballet Birthday Cake

I’m a self-taught cake creator and just recently started using fondant. So, I often make cakes for my Fiance’s family events. My niece-to-be came up to me at my engagement party on Sunday and made this very serious, “I’m about to beg you for a cake face.” All She asked for a marbled cake that was “dance” themed (she does tap, ballet, jazz and modern.) How could I say no?

This Ballet Birthday Cake is a two tier cake with “Toe Shoes”. Gramma’s Butter Yellow Cake Marbled with Signature Double Chocolate Cake. Square and round tiers covered in Chocolate Brown Fondant adorned with Baby Pink Fondant Ribbon. “Toe Shoes” were carved out of marble cake (I used half-filled loaf pans to bake the shoes) covered in Baby Pink Fondant and adorned with Pink & White Polka Dot Ribbon.

The top tier needed a little something, so I made a Cake Topper of Chocolate Brown and Baby Pink Fondant Ribbon.




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