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Cool Colorful Homemade Barbie Birthday Cake

This Barbie Birthday Cake is a very easy cake just very time consuming. I made this cake for my friend’s daughter for her 5th birthday. I used 2 cake mixes for the bottom of the dress and one cake mix for the upper portion.

After baking the cakes and allowing for them to cool-I put icing on the bottom portion and set the other cake on top of the other cake. I then cut a small hole in the top of the cake to place the barbie into the cake. After placing the Barbie in the hole I placed the cake that was cut from the hole back into the hole to make sure the Barbie did not move.

I then colored icing and began to icing her,the dress had three layers with plenty of details,especially the ripples. Even her necklace and the top portion of her dress was icing. I LOVED decorating this cake-so EASY & FUN!

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