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Coolest Barbie Doll Homemade Cake

I made this Barbie Doll Homemade Cake for my little girl’s 5th birthday. The dress is actually the cake bit and then the doll is a cake topper doll (you can get them from any good cake decorating supplier – loads online).

To make the dress you need to make a basin cake and a round cake. Put the basin cake on top of the round cake and use butter icing or jam between them to stick them together. Cover both the cakes with butter icing all over.

Roll out white fondant icing and drape it over the cake covering it all. Keep the seam at the back as this will be covered by the frills. You don’t need to worry too much about lumps and bumps in the fondant as most of it will be covered by frills. Just keep the front area of the skirt which will remain white smooth.

Now to make the frills on the dress – this bit is so much easier than it looks. Get three different colours of fondant icing – i used dark pink, light pink and white. Roll out the fondant and use a scone cutter to cut scone shapes. Use a smaller circle shape to cut out the center of the scone shape. (I actually used one of my kids playdough circle cutters to get nice small circle). Then you will have a doughnut style scone shape. Cut this in half which gives you 2 frills.

Repeat many a time to get lots and lots of frills. Using edible glue stick on the frills keeping different colors next to each other.

Start at the bottom to stick the frills on so that each next layer goes on top. It is easiest to do one complete layer round and then build on top each time. Remember to keep the front of the skirt area without frills. Then use a flower cutter to make little flowers out of fondant icing. These flowers can go round the bottom of the dress which finishes it off nicely and hides messy seams etc. Also stick some flowers on the white front part of the dress.

Now for the doll topper. I used pink fondant icing to cover her torso. Then using fondant flowers I edged the sleeves and also used little fondant flowers to make a kind of belt around her torso and the top of the dress. This is a really good way of covering messy ends at the top of the dress. Presto all done!!

My little girl loved this cake and everyone at the party was amazed by it!

Barbie Doll Homemade Cake

Barbie Doll Homemade Cake

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