My sister-in-law was having a Barney themed birthday for my nephew, he just loves Barney and all his friends so she asked me to make him a Barney and friends cake and told me to do whatever I fancied. So I came up with this picture.

The cake itself is a three layered vanilla sponge using; caster sugar, butter, eggs and flour, I covered the three layers with butter cream and filled each layer with butter cream then covered the whole cake in suparpaste icing.

For the characters I first cut out the shape of each and then built on to make it 3-d. I coloured each bit of icing using liquid colour, first lightly and made it darker adding slightly more colour. It took me about 3/4 of an hour to finally get the character the way I wanted. I piped around the cake using white royal icing and then went over it with the turquoise to add colour.

My nephew loved it and kept trying to grab the characters and knew who they were when we brought the cake out which was good, everybody loved it, I will admit that I was a little sad to see it cut up because I’d worked so long on it but I suppose the inevitable had to happen but it tasted great.