This cake was a white velvet cake on one side and a chocolate velvet cake on the other.  The glove and hat were white velvet.  It was covered with a white butter cream tinted brown and the inside was banana’s Foster on the white side and chocolate on the chocolate side.  The home plate, glove and hat were covered with fondant.

I used a variety of pans including one bowl and 2- 10″ rounds as well as the half sheet.  The mug was filled with a mixture of 3 envelopes of Knox gelatin mixed in a can of beer so it would “smell” like beer and have the correct coloring.  The foam was white butter cream.   I suspended the beer can with a dowel wrapped in a holographic yellow paper made from a gift bag and hot glued on the dowel, then hot glued the beer can to the dowel.   When I was done making the glove I showed it to my husband who immediately said why is there 6 fingers?   OK, now I had to figure how to get rid of a finger without disassembling my entire masterpiece.  I ended up pushing one finger back into the glove far enough that it wasn’t noticeable to anyone other than me.

I’m not a professional so I was just using a real glove to kind of design the cake from and while turning the glove over and over I somehow ended up with that 6th finger. Everyone was amazed at the cake and could not believe that the glove was also cake and that I had done it myself.  I only make a few birthday cakes a year and really was just kind of hoping it would work.  I researched cakes that had suspended beer cans and I drew it out on paper etc and just kind of crossed my fingers. A week later I got a call from someone at the party and they wanted to know if I was available to make a birthday cake for their daughter!