Coolest Baseball and Beer Themed 40th Birthday Party Cake

Coolest Baseball and Beer Themed 40th Birthday Party Cake

This cake was a white velvet cake on one side and a chocolate velvet cake on the other.  The glove and hat were white velvet.  It was covered with a white butter cream tinted brown and the inside was banana’s Foster on the white side and chocolate on the chocolate side.  The home plate, glove … Read more

Don’t Go in the Water Birthday Cake

Don't Go in the Water Birthday Cake

My grandson was having a beach party theme for his pool-side birthday party.  I created a half sheet cake that was white cake with cheesecake filling.  I made water from tinted Swiss Meringue with a slope to the beach which was brown sugar. The beach boy and hat which did resemble my grandson are made … Read more

Coolest Rooster Birthday Cake

Homemade Rooster Birthday Cake

This Rooster Birthday Cake was pretty simple. I made an 18X22 butter cake. I frosted it entirely with faux fondant using an icing tip, then let it crust. I then used a fondant smoother very gently to smooth it out and pressed it with a non-patterned paper towel to give a matt look. I then … Read more

Coolest Star Wars Village Birthday Cake

Homemade Star Wars Village Birthday Cake

My Grandson Jon wanted a Star Wars Village Birthday Cake for his 8th birthday party. I tried researching some stills from the Star Wars Movies not wanting to watch all 6 of the movies. I finally found a town scene that depicted the dome shaped houses that were all in tans and browns and decided … Read more

Coolest Sports Birthday Cake

Homemade Sports Birthday Cake

My grandson Alize’ requested a cake for his birthday that would have a football, basketball and a baseball on it as he plays all three sports and he wanted to invite many of his teammates. So I created this Sports Birthday Cake. The bottom is a two layer sheet with strawberry cake and filled with … Read more