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Coolest Goal Keeper Glove Birthday Cake

This idea for a Goal Keeper Glove Birthday Cake was came out when my friend Bia asked me to help her on surprising her son João for his 11th birthday. He´s the goal keeper of a junior football team and either she would go for a cake shape of a ball or even his goal keeper t-shirt. We decided a copy of his glove would be far the best plus original than any other!

The base is a basic home-made chocolate cake covered up with coloured ” chocopan” paste.

Here´s the recipe:6 eggs, 2 tea cups of white sugar, 3 tea cups of flour, 1 tea cup of melted butter, 1 package of chocolate powder and 1 and a half tea cup of hot water and a spoon of ferment. Mix eggs with sugar, then the chocolate together with the flour and the ferment, then the butter and water. After all very well mixed up put in medium woven for about 30 – 45mins.

Before starting the coverage, I cut the cake shaped like a huge glove and then covered, cut and modelled the paste until it looked as a real glove.

The result was very good. João couldn´t believe his birthday cake was exactly like his glove!

For sure he´ll never forget and this is why I love to make cool cakes.

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