Coolest Baseball Jersey Birthday Cake

This Baseball Jersey birthday cake was made at the request of an eight year old who wanted a cake of his own personal baseball jersey.  The inside of the cake was made from  three French Vanilla cake mixes.  They needed the cake to feed about 40 people so I decided to make a cake underneath (this particular one was 14×14 inch square pan). The jersey (which was made in a shirt shaped cake pan)  and make it look like a baseball field and lay the jersey cake on top.

Both cakes are decorated with your basic butter cream icing.  And then I divided the icing and used Wilton icing to color  the icing to the desired colors. Wilton cake decorating tips 3 and 5 were used for outlining and writing.  Tip 16 was used to give the star textured look to the cake.  And tip #233 was used to make the green icing look like grass. The cake received many compliments.