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Coolest Baseball Birthday Cake

I made this ST. Louis Cardinal Baseball Cake for my Grandma’s 100th Birthday. Our family are huge ST. Louis Cardinal fans and have been for generations.

I used the Wilton soccer ball pan to make this Homemade Baseball Birthday Cake. Since its only a 1/2 of a ball, I baked my cake in the pan and then covered it and placed it in the freezer overnight. The next day I popped it out and put it in a freezer bag and put it back in the freezer. Then I continued to put cake batter in the 1/2 pan again and baked it and froze it too.

Then when you’re ready to assembly your baseball cake, for the bottom half I cut about an inch off the bottom of one cake so that it would sit better on my cake board. I made butter cream icing and spread some on the top of the bottom half of the baseball cake. Then placed the top half on top and spread smoothly the icing (white) all over the cake.

I used the star tip to decorate all of the ball.

You’ll need 4 colors of icing. red, white and black for the ball and green for the grass. I star tipped the S T L first and outlined it in the black. Then I star tipped the red and the white on the rest of the ball. Then with a # 3 tip I did the red laces on the ball.

Then to make the final touch to this cake, I used my grass tip and green butter cream icing and covered the base cake board all around the baseball cake. Everyone loved this Homemade Baseball Birthday Cake and said it was too pretty to cut.

Homemade Baseball Birthday Cake

Homemade Baseball Birthday Cake

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  1. My goodness! This is the BEST Baseball Cake EVER!! It is the COOLEST Baseball Birthday Cake! Great attention to detail and the perfection of colors makes this Baseball cake considered above all the rest!! Kudos to the baker and artist!


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