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Coolest Baseball Cake

I made this Homemade Baseball Cake for my boyfriend’s 24th birthday. He’s a huge baseball fan and his favorite team is the Yankees. He loved it!

Here’s how I did it. First I used two round spring form pans one 10in and the other 8inches. I tripled a recipie for a basic white cake, but added a few cups of vanilla pudding to make the cake extra moist. After I baked them I put them in the fridge overnight to cool. In the morning I cut and shaped the 8in cake into the shape of home plate. I frosted it with choc frosting and put it back in fridge. I frosted the 10in cake with cream cheese icing and refrigerated it until I was ready to decorate.

For the decorations I used green decorative icing and the star tip to make the grass and out field. Then the field is cream cheesefrosting dyed green. I spread it on with a butter knife to limit area. I used crushed up gold sprinkles to make dirt and index cards to keep it away from grass and other dirt. I cut a white chocolate bar into squares for the bases. I used vanilla frosting and the star tip to create baseball on top. I placed the feild on top of the ball and added details.

I traced the New York symbol and froze it onto wax paper and rubbed it onto sides when ready. After decorating the 10in cake with white frosting, I added the red icing to make the lacing on the baseball. I also added some store bought confectioners sugar stars and some scarpbooking sports stickers in a few areas for a little extra decor.

Homemade Baseball Cake

Homemade Baseball Cake

Homemade Baseball Cake

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