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Coolest Bathurst 500 Race Track Birthday Cake

My partner decided he wanted a Bathurst 500 cake for his birthday, he didn’t really expect to see one though. After Googling for some time I found NO Bathurst 500 cakes so it was up to me to be creative.

At the beginning of the week I made some gumpaste signs that indicated different corners and straights that race enthusiasts would know of. I found the Mount Panorama racing circuit on Google and printed it out. I made two block cakes (vanilla butter cake). For the construction I cut the two cakes in half and filled and covered them with green colored Whip “n” Ice (from Cake Bitz).

Bathurst has a mountain in the circuit so I used bits of cake in the appropriate area and iced it with the rest of the cake. I also put the same covering around the bottom of the cakes and then scattered green colored coconut around (shredded coconut in a plastic bag – drop some green coloring in and shake).

Using my print out I created the circuit using chocolate fondant edging it with a darker coloured chocolate. I made sure the fondant went over the mountain. I then put the prepared signs in at the appropriate corners and straights. Poppy thought this was pretty neat. I also tried my hand at doing a car model (something I need to work on).

Thank you, looking forward to seeing my cake in the website.