Yes, another employee’s birthday coming up. What kind of cake should I make? Well, he is very athletic as in hiking and running marathons. Do you know how hard it is to find a little hiking man for a cake? Well, I couldn’t find one so a mountain cake it is.

I made 4 tiers with the last tier made with a bowl. I layered butter pecan cake (store bought) and the filling was coolwhip frosting (store bought) and the frosting for the cake was 1/2 jar of butter cream frosting (store bought) and 3/4 of a large container of coolwhip light mixed together. The frosting held up pretty well. I froze the cakes after filling and then frosted. I dusted the cake with cocoa.

The waterfall was cake spray paint, however it did crack when I froze the cake but oh well! I used chocolate graham cracker cookie for the path. Kit Kat pieces were used for the bridge and any small cluster type candies used for rocks. I also used milk duds for rock and around the base. I then topped the cake with coolwhip frosting and coolwhip light for the snowcap. I used Duck Dynasty’s figurine and it came with a squirrel! The last part was the trees and I used Kale!