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6 Magical DIY Disney Princess Cakes

Enchant your little princess with one of these homemade Disney princess cakes.

Once upon a time some aspiring princesses dreamed of birthday parties immersed in their favorite fairy tales. Their fairy godmothers swept sugary dream dust through the air and magically their wishes came to life in these beautiful princess themed birthday cakes.

1. Princess Belle Beauty and the Beast Cake

Princess Belle Beauty and the Beast Cake

Look beyond what you can see and you’ll discover beauty where you’d least expect it. Don’t rush the process. Enjoy it and learn from the experience.

Michelle took some basic ingredients most of us have in out kitchens and carefully molded them into this breathtaking Beauty and the Beast cake for her daughter’s birthday. It’s amazing!

Imagine what you can create with some fondant and batter. Michelle provides detailed step by step instructions for making this cake here.

2. Frozen Movie Anna and Elsa Cake

Frozen Movie Anna and Elsa Cake

Diehard Frozen fans can experience the best of two princess worlds with Anne-Marie’s dual sided back to back Anna and Elsa cake. You’ll need both an Anna and Elsa doll in order to replicate this look, but the dolls will double as a bonus gift for the guest of honor. The investment is well worth it when you consider the happy smiles you’ll receive in return.

Prepare to expend some time and patience to complete the tiny details on the princess dresses. Of course, you could opt for a more simplistic look and omit some of the intricate embellishments, depending on your cake decorating skills.

Instructions for making Anne-Marie’s cake can be found here.

3. Little Mermaid Princess Ariel

Little Mermaid Princess Ariel

Jill captured Ariel’s world in beautiful edible detail with this cool Little Mermaid cake. We love this cake. It’s fit for a princess.

Inspired to make your own? Find more info here.

4. Belle of the Ball Cinderella Cake

Belle of the Ball Cinderella Cake

Every part of this stunning Cinderella cake is edible (including the face), making it stand apart from the crowd. To achieve a realistic doll look and ensure the entire cake would be edible, Erinn created her own food safe molds with a Dollar Store Barbie and a silicon mold kit. From there gum paste and fondant were used to shape all of the intricate details. We are so impressed with the final outcome.

Learn more about the products and steps Erinn took to make this Cinderella cake here.

5. Magic Carpet Ride Princess Jasmine Cake

Magic Carpet Ride Princess Jasmine Cake

Landing atop 3 luxurious cake pillows on her magic carpet ride, Princess Jasmine can see a whole new world, a dazzling place she never knew. We love this enchanted princess moment Romina was able to capture in cake. It’s unbelievable and indescribable.

Get instructions and find out what inspired this princess cake idea here.

6. Amazing Rapunzel Tower Cake

Amazing Rapunzel Tower Cake

No one likes to find hair in their food, but for this cake we think you’ll make an exception. Aquillha faced a few challenges when constructing this intricately detailed cake, but she worked her magic and had a happy ending.

Can you tell what Rapunzel’s hair is made of? Find out here.