7 Cool Hello Kitty Cake Ideas

Looking for the purr-fect Hello Kitty cake ideas for your upcoming party? Here’s 7 cakes we love.

1. Pretty Hello Kitty Cake

Hello Kitty Cake Ideas by Tracy

Talk about providing a paws-itive start to the work day. Tracy surprised a co-worker with this oh so pretty, pretty Hello Kitty cake for her birthday. Take a look at Tracy’s Hello Kitty cake idea here.


2. She’s In the Army Hello Kitty Cake Idea

Hello Kitty Cake Ideas

Uncle Sam needs a few good men? Paw-lease. Who better to fill the request then Maria’s Hello Kitty decked out in an army tank and ready for war-fur. No one messes with her. Get too close and her claws come out. One of the coolest Hello Kitty cake idea!

Find out what inspired Maria’s Hello Kitty cake idea here.


3. Hello Kitty Biker Cake

Hello Kitty Cake Ideas

Hit the throttle! Carmen’s biker Hello Kitty cake has catitude. She’s one cool cat in black leather, but not afraid to show off her feminine side with a splash of pink.

Carmen makes about 8 original cakes a week from home with a big goal in mind. Find out what Carmen’s cake dream is here.


4. 5th Birthday Hello Kitty Cake Ideas

Hello Kitty Cake Ideas

Glenda’s cake is every 5 year old girl’s dream. It’s classic Hello Kitty with loads of pretty pink touches. Four paws up for this cake Glenda.

Get more info on how this cake was made here.


5. 3D Hello Kitty Cake

Hello Kitty Cake Ideas

Hello Kitty goes 3D in this purrecious 6th birthday cake by J. Check it out here…


6. Easy Hello Kitty By Cat

Hello Kitty Cake Ideas

Cat created this Hello Kitty cake that is both professional looking and easy to make. Follow her instructions here and you’ll look like you’ve been decorating cakes for years, even if you’re just a beginner.


7. 16th Birthday Hello Kitty Cake

Hello Kitty Cake Ideas

Hello Kitty appeals to every generation. Saluna’s sweet 16 birthday cake features the famous feline in divalicious style. It’s a purrfect example of one of the coolest Hello Kitty cake ideas fit for a lady of any age. Get more info on Saluna’s cake here.