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Cute Homemade All Edible Beach Cake

This Beach Cake was made from a rectangle pan. I made the volley ball net out of pretzel sticks and royal icing. The surf shop has 2 gum cut out surf boards. The shop is a muffin with pretzels for the roof, yellow icing, black icing for the door. The sign is made from a Hershey chocolate bar cut down and the wording is from using royal icing. The pier is made from a Hershey bar cut down and glued with chocolate melted. The pier ropes are made with the royal icing and pretzel stick cut in half and glues on with chocolates melted.

I used teddy grahams that I dressed using royal icing or you could use regular icing. The trees are made with royal icing and pretzel sticks. Everything is edible on this cake. The Whale was a cut out cake from a loaf pan and iced. The water is just blue icing using a knife and bringing the icing up to look like waves.

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