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Cool Homemade Beach Scene Birthday Cake

I have been personalizing birthday cakes for years now, and I have never spent more than $15.00 on the personal touches that can make a cake really unique. With a little extra time and planning, you can have a creative themed cake in a few hours.

This Beach birthday cake is the first creative cake I created, it is made from very simple ingredients. This idea can be used for either a birthday, graduation, or simply a beach themed party. I placed two sheet cakes side by side on a platter, and iced them in white icing. I then iced with blue icing (made with blue food coloring), and used brown sugar for the sand. I placed Teddy Grahams, with icing bathing suits, on little chairs, and added a few small dollhouse objects for a fun scene. Even a small sandcastle made out of brown sugar (the sugar is sticky and packs very well). The only limit to how creative your cake can get it is your own imagination!

I believe that it is simple to make any themed cake for way cheaper than specialty stores charge. Just invest a little time thinking of what you want to do, check out the grocery store or craft store for inspiration, and get to it. Make your child’s birthday this year one they will remember. Ever since dreaming up and creating this cake, I have been my family’s designated cake designer for birthdays, and I love doing it. Get your family involved, and make this birthday cake one to remember!

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