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Cool Sandcastle Cakes and Original Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas

This sandcaslte birthday cake decoration was another experiment! We had a beach theme for my son’s birthday and he loves the sand. So, instead of a girly castle I just changed it up and made a sand castle. I used two sheet cakes and cut them to what I wanted. I iced it in sand color icing using sugar cones iced and rolled in brown sugars for the spires. For the birthday cake decoration I used brown sugar and shell shaped chocolates finish it off.

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Cake by Sandra F., El Cajon, CA

Beach Cake Decoration

I made this cake for an ocean themed baby shower. The woman did not know what she was having and decided that an ocean theme would be fun and neutral. This cake was so much fun to make! I started the birthday cake decoration ideas a few days before. I made seashells with Candy Melts tinted darker sand color and some white. Then I painted with Wilton paste colors purple, pink, blue and brown. From sand-color (warm brown and yellow) tinted fondant made windows, door and battlement squares.

I baked two each for layering: 6×6 10×10 and 11×15 Chocolate Marble cake filled with chocolate Pastry Pride. Frosted four medium pillars, four small pillars (including tops) cake board and cake with buttercream frosting (sand color) then sprinkled with cake sparkles. At front of castle I used tinted gel to form ocean on cake and cake board. Placed windows on pillars and surrounded with chocolate rocks. Positioned pillars on cake. Positioned front door and arranged chocolate rocks. I placed candy seashells on sides of castle and at front adding some rocks. For the birthday cake decoration I used the Wilton Romantic Castle Set, butter cream frosting, tinted rolled fondant, Chocolate Rocks, tinted gel white and cake sparkles-tinted.

Cake by Dawn H., Pittsburgh, PA

Beach Cake Decoration

My daughter’s graduation invites had a picture of her laying on a beach blanket with sunglasses, the inside of the card reading: “Life’s a beach… and then you graduate.” And so a theme was born. She very much did not want a Luau-type party so we went with a sandier sunny sea-shell thing without the hula-skirts and coconut bras.

The cake form is from Nordic Ware. it is heavy very well-made and beautiful. I keep it displayed now on an open shelf in my kitchen. We made three sandcastle cakes; spice carrot and butter pecan cake mixes because they are brownish and sandy in color. We sprayed the cake pan with cooking spray and the cakes sprang right out perfectly formed even with all the intricate little details; the turrets doorways and stone walls. We drizzled a simple powder sugar/milk glaze over them and sprinkled the trays and the cake table liberally with crushed vanilla wafers (sand). We also decorated with little chocolate candy forms, starfish and various sea shell shapes. We got all these ideas from this site for birthday cake decorating!

Final touches included multi-colored sprinkles, skewered “flags” labeling the different flavors and lit sparklers. The party was in our backyard. We decorated our tables with cut lengths of a beautiful shiny aqua fabric (the sea), white hurricane candles wrapped with raffia for the center-pieces and sea shells and sea glass sprinkled down the table centers.

Beach Cake Decoration

White lights hung from the trees and we also tied long drapery sheers and scarves purples greens and blues from the tree branches and the porch posts and they blew in the breeze and just made our backyard a real beach breezy island fantasy.

Good luck with your own birthday cake decoration attempts.

Cake by Jennifer B., PA

Beach Cake Decoration

I did my son’s first birthday party all with a fish theme, and I decided creating a sandcastle cake on a beach. I got two 9×13 cake pans for the bottom. My grandmother used to make peanut butter balls for us during the holidays, so I took that recipe and instead of putting it into balls I put it all in a sand castle mold (just a regular sand toy you would find at the dollar store or Kmart. I washed it and sprayed it very heavy with Pam. I let it sit in the fridge for a day to harden and it slid right out.

Then his very own cake I made to look like a fish. I took one 8″ round cake, cut it in half, and iced it.

Thanks for all the great birthday cake decoration ideas on this Web site!

Birthday cake decoration by Miki S., Jasper, GA

Beach Cake Decoration

I made this sandcastle cake for my husband’s birthday party. We had a tropical/beach theme. I had drawn several cakes, but this one just popped!

I made two regular yellow cakes (one nine-inch and one eight-inch; both three inches deep). The cake was iced in a butter cream icing. I used rolled fondant which I died tan for the outer coating. The sides of the castle were cut separate and attached with toothpicks for support and icing to help it stick.

The top tower of the cake is a toilet paper roll covered in the fondant and pressed into the top layer. I decorated with Wilton icing and used brown sugar on the edges to give it a “sandy” feel. Everyone enjoyed it and it made for a great centerpiece!