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Coolest Champagne Bottle Cake

I was asked to make a cake with a champagne bottle on the top for a ladies birthday. I  like to do the modelling myself so I started by making a model of a 1/2 bottle out of ricecrispies mixed with marshmallows, I modelled the bottle and covered with cling wrap and set aside in the fridge to harden.

Next I covered the bottle in a thin layer of dark green fondant. I then made the golden foil out of fondant embossing it lightly with a crinkle effect. I let this dry out slightly then coloured it gold using an edible gold, thinned slightly with vodka. I now rolled out a black fondant and wrapped it around the bottle beneath the gold to form a sash around the bottle and finished it of with a red circle.

Then with a bubble embossing mat I made the bubbles falling down the bottle. I made some bubbles on wires and poked them into the top of the bottle. I also made a cork on a wire to be poking out of the bottle.

I now found a label on the internet of a champagne bottle and printed it off and attached this to a rolled out piece of fondant. I then cut it to size and attached it to the bottle. The bottle was now set aside.

I now baked a vanilla sponge a 12” round cake 2 layers thick filled with jam and buttercream covered with white fondant I set this aside to harden.

I attached the bottle to the top of the cake.

I now coloured some fondant in gold and attached small triangles around the base to look like the bottle was bursting out of the cake.

I added small edible balls around the base of the bottle to fill in any gaps. Then I made a white fondant scroll and attached the name and attached it to the top of the cake.

I now made a plaque in white fondant with happy birthday on it in, and I edged it with gold edible dust and attached it to the front of the cake.

To finish the cake off I made a bubble effect to go all around the base of the cake and I dusted this with edible dust in gold before attaching.

The lady loved it.
I was so pleased with it.
I’m a hobby baker and love it!

Coolest Champagne cake Coolest Champagne cake

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