Coolest Berenstain Bears Cake

This Berenstain Bears Cake was my daughter’s first birthday cake and my first time decorating. I think it turned out really well. She was totally HOOKED on Berenstain Bears at the time and it really brought a nice reaction.

I made a fairly large cake. I’m not sure of the exact measurements but it was about an inch larger than a 9×13 all the way around.

I rolled and dyed fondant for the purple background to achieve a smooth look and WILL NOT do that again, lol. It was smooth and pretty, but that much fondant just doesn’t taste as good as icing. It’s better in small doses.

I found the pic online, freehanded it onto parchment paper, then used a small paintbrush and water/corn syrup mixture to go over the outline. Then I layed the paper (VERY CAREFULLY) over the cake, slowly removed it, and began piping while lines were still visible.

I used homemade buttercream icing and Whitman dyes. I used size 16 star tip for all of sister bear (her eyes were smoothed with my finger). The happy birthday letters were purchased (I wasn’t that brave yet, lol).

Overall I think it was a great first try and am looking forward to her 2nd birthday. We’re thinking Pooh Bear.

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