Coolest Big Top Cake

I was asked to make a big top cake. Well, I was sooo excited to get started, I started with a cake dummy size 7″ round and I made a dome out of cardboard and then covered the whole cake dummy in white icing, and this was left overnight to dry out. Then the next day I added all the color stripes and the curtain, then I made the clown and then a sea lion and a lion. These were standing on decorated drums.

I iced a 9″ round cake drum with white icing and attached the cake topper to it and made blue balls to go around the big top . I then placed a white ribbon around the cake drum. I now made two white balls to fix the poles for the flags into and these were made out of flower paste. I attached a piece of wire to place flags onto and one by one in different colors I cut out the flags and attached the letters and attached these to the wire but lay them on a flat surface until dry, and then attached them onto the supports I had made. These were also made from flower paste. I made a flag for the top of the big top too.

I now made the cake. I made an 11″ square cake in vanilla sponge, they didn’t want any butter cream or jam filling so I used a little butter cream to fix the icing to the cake. I covered the cake in white icing and then attached 3 dowels to help support the cake topper on the cake. I then made small blue balls out of icing and placed these around the base of the square cake. I cut out stars and circles in different colors and attached these around the cake. I then mixed some black royal icing and piped definition onto the cake so all the shapes stood out and also piped small dots around the cake too.

Finally I cut out the message and attached to the covered cake board. They loved the cake and I was so proud of the finished result.