This cake is for our granddaughter who is 2, she loves Raa Raa the noisy lion, so this is what I decided to make for her.

I started by making the model lion so this had time to harden. First I made a cone shape in a mustard color. I then attached some white roll out icing on the lions chest. I then made the back and front legs for the lion and attached these, then with a ball of icing I made the head. I then needed to color two different shades of brown for the lion’s main, I cut these into strips and with a little water I attached these over the head, with some cream icing I made the shape of the lions face and attached this to the head. Finally I attached the eyes, nose and mouth in black and made the lion a tail and attached this.

I made a 10” vanilla sponge cake, when it was cold I filled it with butter cream and jam, and then covered the whole cake in butter cream and placed it in the freezer to harden, mean while I started to kneed the icing and then rolled it out when the cake came out of the freezer. I then covered the whole cake in roll out icing in white. I then set this aside for the icing to harden slightly.

The cake is now ready to decorate. I colored some roll out icing with brown food color but only mixed in the color until I got the look of bark. I then rolled it out in a long sausage shape and cut into 4 pieces and attached these to each corner. I then placed the lion onto the cake (which I made earlier).

Now I colored some icing in green for the leaves on the trees. I attached about 6 leaves onto each tree trunk and then with the rest of the brown roll out icing I made the coconuts for the trees. I colored some more icing in a brown, but in a different shade and attached some balls onto each corner. I then made the happy birthday sign to resemble planks of wood and also made a stump for them to be attached to. I had to leave these planks overnight to harden because I needed to pipe ice happy birthday before attaching to the cake. I then attached to the cake with a little icing.

In black roll out icing I cut out my granddaughter’s name and attached this to the top of the cake. I then attached two candles and the number 2 to finish off.