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Coolest Football Team Cake

I baked 2 x 8 inch sponge cakes, these were then left to cool. On one cake I spread jam and on the other I spread butter cream, these were then sandwiched together. I then placed it on a plate and covered in butter cream and then placed in the fridge to chill.

While the cake was chilling I colored enough roll out icing in green to cover the cake board. I kneaded this well and then rolled it out to cover the board trimming off any excess icing, then I pinned a ribbon around the edge of the cake board.

I had previously printed off a picture of the Aston villa football team badge. I cut around this to make a template.

I kneaded a little flower paste icing with normal roll out icing and colored it blue, rolled it out and cut around the template. This was left to harden slightly on a flat surface.

I then cut out the lion on the picture of the badge, colored some flower paste icing in yellow and cut out the lion from the template. I used flower paste icing because I find this easier to use because it keeps it’s shape better and the lion was very fiddly to cut out.

Then I rolled out a little white icing just enough to cut out a little white star for the badge. I then attached the lion and the star to the badge using a little icing these were then left to dry out over night.

The cake was now ready to ice. I rolled out enough white icing and covered the cake while on the plate. I then transferred it to the cake board I had previously iced, and positioned it carefully not to disturb the icing on the cake board. I then pipe iced around the base of the cake with a star tip.

With the excess icing I cut from the cake in white I cut out the letters and attached to the green on the cake board for the message. And then attached the two colors of ribbon around the middle of the cake.

With some blue/grey icing I colored earlier I made the trousers of the man and attached these to the cake with a little icing and pushed a wooden stick through the trousers where the body is to sit to stop the man from falling off the cake.

I made the body in a claret color and attached this over the stick. I then made the sleeves in blue. I then made the head out of a flesh color roll out icing I colored earlier, before attaching the head I cut off the stick so it didn’t protrude through the head. I attached the head to the body using a little icing to stick them together.

Using a little black roll out icing I coloured earlier, I forced it through a sieve to make the hair. I then made a scarf out of the claret and blue that was left over and attached this to the cake behind the man.

I then went back to the badge to finish it off now it had dried out. I colored around the edge of the cake in claret and finished the writing on it, this was left to dry.

To finish off the badge was attached to the cake and then I added two candles, and drew the face on the man. I was really pleased with the finished cake and so was my son in law.

Homemade Football Team Cake

Homemade Football Team Cake

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