Coolest BioMed Graduation Cake

I had a friend contact me one day. She said a friend of hers daughter was graduating from High School and was needing a two tiered red velvet  cake. I accepted the challenge and asked her to email me things that they wanted on the cake. I made the top tier white and the bottom blue for her High School colors.  I made marshmallow fondant which is completely yummy. It goes good with the buttercream frosting I made that went along well with the red velvet cake I made from scratch.  I tinted the fondant royal blue, red, orange and a lighter blue with the Americolor Gel. Simply love the bright colors it makes.

I made the pill bottle and the top the night before so that it would have time to dry. I made fondant pills and decided to have them spill out of the bottle down to the bottom tier.  The top tier she wanted The Star of Life outlined with a white border which features The Rod of Asclepius in the center. She also asked that I add the heartbeat, so I thought why not add a few hearts in between the beat.  I also added the white and blue twisted rope made from fondant to bring the two tiers together.

The bottom tier which I did a royal blue she wanted the RLT school logo. I added the little diplomas around the bottom to represent her Graduation.  I made the glove as lighter blue and wanted it to drape down from the top to the bottom tier.  All in all this cake was a great accomplishment for me. I have never done such detail on a cake before and I am very proud of myself.

The hardest part of this cake for me was making the pill bottle. I had to make it a couple of times because it kept collapsing. I finally got it to hold its shape and was finally able to lay it on its side.  I have taught my self everything I know. I learn from my mistakes and  I have come a long way.  The best part of making this cake was seeing there faces when I delivered it.  It was PRICELESS…

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  1. Thank you so much for making this cake for my daughter’s graduation! And days later we are still eating it!

  2. Thank you so much for making this cake for my daughter’s graduation! And days later we are still eating it!

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