Coolest Birthday Express Train Cake

Making this birthday express cake for my 3 year old son was an enjoyable experience for not only me, but also for my husband and son. Arush was so excited that  he used to wake up in the middle of the night and ask me when shall I make his birthday express?

For the base, I used a silver color plastified sheet( so that I could clean easily the extra butter cream)  wrapped on a cardboard. I used Kit Kat and black licorice for the railway tracks. Sprinkled some ground Marie biscuits for the sand in between the tracks. To mention specially, my son helped me ground the biscuits.

I baked two rectangular cakes and cut out one engine and 4 wagons. For the round part of the engine I used Swiss rolls and connected some colored popcorn with pipe cleaner to show smoke coming out of the chimney. I used Oreo biscuits for the wheels and red licorice to connect the wagons.

I used colored butter cream to decorate the engine and the wagons. Yellow candies for the lights and colored candies for stones on the grass and green butter cream and green colored scrapped coconut for the grass. I used wafer roll biscuits to keep logs on the third wagon and M & M on the last wagon and chocolate sticks for the bars of the animal cage, with a wafer biscuit rolled in chocolate ganache as lid of the cage.

The railway signs were easily available on the internet. Overall……making this cake was overwhelming for me and also for my son. All my hard work was paid for when I saw the happiness in his eyes and his smile seeing the cake ready.

Thanks to all the lovely cakes on this web. I surely got some good ideas. Being a  beginner making this cake has motivated me to try more.

Coolest Birthday Express Train Cake

Coolest Birthday Express Train Cake

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