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Coolest Train Cake for my Daughter’s 5th Birthday

This Train Cake is for Rishika’s 5th birthday party on 2nd Jan 2011 in Mumbai, India.

I made 6 cakes – 6 inches X 3 inches loaves (I have used normal sponge cake) – trim the edges of 5 cakes to make suitable sized train wagons and an engine (cylindrical shaped with a 2 cm rectangular piece at the bottom). From the 6th cake cut the guard wagon cabin, engine cabin, steam snout, coal wagon and signal base.

Assemble each wagon and glue it together with colored icing of your choice. Cut 1 cm thin strips of wafer biscuits to make the top edge of each wagon and fill them with goodies – butterscotch balls, peppermint cigarettes, choco chips, choco vermicelli or anything else your child likes. Use similar strips to make balcony railings of the guard van.

I have put aluminium foil and a baking paper on top of a wooden sheet and used it as a base. Make train tracks by putting ice cream sticks on to the prepared board. Assemble each wagon on the tracks and fix them together with small pieces of wafer biscuits. Make wheels from chocolate coins/suitable sized biscuits. Make a face with a choco biscuit and fix eyes (white gems+choco chip), mouth – pink gem cut in half. Use a drop of margarine/icing to fix these onto the face.

Thread some popcorn on a bent toothpick/any stiff string and fix it in on the top of the train snout to make it look like puffs of smoke/steam. Fill the coal wagon with choco chips to make them look like coal pieces. Grind the cake leftovers in a mixie in with edible colors (green and blue) to get colored cake crumble..decorate the surroundings to look like green lawn and blue lake. Fix some paper trees.

Attach a signal – stick some gems on to an ice cream stick with some icing and fix it onto the signal base. Place it at a suitable place on the green lawn near the tracks.

Coolest Train Cake for my Daughter's 5th Birthday

Coolest Train Cake for my Daughter's 5th Birthday

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