Coolest Birthday Pot Plant Cake

I baked this  birthday pot plant cake the same day I started to make the fondant flowers, leaves, little spade, bag of seeds and seeds. I baked a simple vanilla flavor round shaped cake. The size of the cake is 20 cm by 20 cm in size. I baked this cake for my mom’s birthday. She loves gardening, especially planting her own flowers and her favorite color is blue, that’s why I made the flowers blue.

I used fondant to cover the cake.  I first covered the cake with liquid icing for it not to be to dry. I waited for my triplet girls to sleep before I started coloring the fondant. I used powered brown, but this is a ugly dark brown, so I only used a little bit, mixed it with a little liquid red and liquid yellow food coloring,  hence my beautiful brownish pot plant color.  I colored a small piece of fondant in blue, a small piece green, a small piece in yellow and two very small pieces in black and gray. I covered the cake entirely with the brownish fondant.

I made the pot plant handles with the same brownish color and left to dry. I rolled the blue fondant out and used a flower cookie cutter to created my flowers. I used the liquid food coloring lid to create small circles and made small balls for the yellow part of the flowers. This I put together with liquid icing and left to dry but I lifted the soft fondant a little so my flowers shouldn’t be to flat. I rolled the green fondant out and used a table spoon to created the leave shape. I then shape the leaves to look like a leave and placed them on a long wooden spoon to dry and give me beautiful shaped and I used a knife to create the vanes in my leaves.

I snipped left over green fondant to make some grass around my pot. I made the seed bag out of white fondant and put an small flower with leaf on and wrote in black gel pen/tube seeds on the bag. I also made a small hand spade out of the brownish fondant with a small gray shape to create the metal part of the spade. I made small black seeds out of my black fondant and placed them in the bag. The following day when all my fondant images were hardest I made a little liquid icing to put over the cake, a little dripped off to show I watered my plant!  I then made some flake chocolate in crumbs to create my soil on the shape and  the bottom of my flowers and leaf.  The flowers, leaves and pot plant handles I attached to and on the pot with liquid icing. I struggled a bit with the one pot handle. I remelted it in the microwave and recreated it, that’s why it looks so cracked.  My mom loved her cake.