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Coolest Bumble Bee Cake

My son loves Transormers so I decided to make a Bumblee Bee cake for his fourth birthday.

I used a 9×3 Wilton Contour Pan. I used regular cake mix, then I added a soaking syrup made by myself. I let it sit overnight before decorating.

The next day I iced the whole cake in buttercream then put white fondant on top of it. I used red, yellow and black fondant to decorate the cake. Last thing I did was to put a Bumble Bee die cast toy for decoration and it turn out great.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Bumble Bee Cake”

  1. Love the cake! May do this for my son. He wants Optimus Prime and Megatron lunging at each other. I think using figures is the only way for me to do it. How did you do the red logo on the cake?


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