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Coolest Bunny Birthday Cake

My daughter has a pink bunny that she carries everywhere and even sleeps with. So when it came time for her first birthday, I knew I had to make a bunny birthday cake.

This cake is two tiers (with one layer in each tier). I covered each layer with butter cream icing and then with pink rolled fondant.

I made the bunny out of gum paste. It helps to put a bit of Crisco on your hands to handle the gum paste. I made the pink bow around the bunny’s neck out of the pink fondant. The eyes and nose are made out of dyed gum paste. I painted the center of the ears. I used a little butter cream icing to hold the bunny in place.

I then piped white butter cream icing around the edges of the layers. You could also roll white fondant into balls and place around the edges. The bunny was my daughter’s favorite part. She loved it more than the smash cake I made her with a small bunny cake pan. (I recommend making the bunny a day or so before, it will keep well if you cover it well with Cling Wrap and place in the fridge. This will allow you to be sure you can get the bunny looking right without having to hurry.)

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