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Coolest Butterfly Baby Shower Basket Weave Cake

With this butterfly baby shower basket weave cake I started out make the flowers using a regular butter cream icing. I spent two days on the the flowers, the first day I mostly just practiced and and nearly gave up. Then on the second day I tried again and managed to figured out how to hold the bag right and the flowers finally started to look right.

I made all the flowers using a flower nail with wax paper squares on the nail then I put all the flowers in the freezer till I was ready to use them. With the baby I made her using a silicone mold and mixed fondant and gum paste together then put that in the mold. When that hardened, about 20 minutes in the fridge, I took the baby out of the mold and let her fully harden for several days. I used food coloring mixed in vanilla extract to paint some pink into her cheeks and light brown into her hair and placed her on top of a silk flower using gum glue to hold her in place.

I found the butterflies online. They are made of sugar and completely edible. I glued one pair on the baby’s back and placed the rest on random flowers after I put them on the cake. The cake is a French vanilla cake. It has five layers and between each layer is strawberries and whipped cream. I did a basket weave on the outside of the cake and the top is covered in the frosting wild flowers which I placed on top, directly from the freezer. They peeled right off the wax paper and then softened again very quickly on the cake. I also piped in leaves between the flowers as I placed them on the cake.

I took this cake to a baby shower and everyone absolutely loved it. As soon as everyone had a piece the room fell completely silent for the first time all day because all 30 people were busy enjoying their cake.

Coolest Butterfly Baby Shower Basket Weave Cake

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