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Awesome Homemade 4 Tiered Butterfly Birthday Cake

For the last few years I’ve made my nieces their birthday cakes, every year I ask them what they want their cake to look like. One year my younger niece said she would like a butterfly birthday cake, so I dug out my seldom used butterfly shaped cake pan, and after looking at it for a good part of the morning decided to put it away again, I could do better than that!

The cake is a chocolate bundt, nice and dense and moist. Each layer was sliced in half and loaded with a chocolate butter cream and then each layer was iced in more butter cream and then covered in fondant (sweet!) and allowed to dry slightly before it was assembled.

The butterfly’s are fondant cut with small cookie cutters, then bent into shape and dried, I then painted on the wing patterns using food dyes. She loved it!!


5 thoughts on “Awesome Homemade 4 Tiered Butterfly Birthday Cake”

  1. how did you stick butterflies to the cake and what icing did you use. did you have to dry them before sticking to cake ??

    • Sorry, I just noticed your message – I used a royal Icing to stick the butterflies to the cake, I cut them out of thinly rolled fondant using some small cookie cutters, folded them over an inverted cardboard “V” that I made, and let them dry for 24 hours – After they were dry, I painted them with food colouring and let them sit for a few hours for the dye to dry, I then stuck them on the cake

      • Could you eat them? I made Minnie Mouse ears out of fondant and had to let them dry, but they were so hard no one could eat them…

        • Yes you can, I used a marshmallow fondant, it always stays a bit soft I found the recipe I like on the web, there are lots out there – lately I’ve been adding a tsp. or 2 of vanilla to the fondant

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