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Coolest Caillou Birthday Cake

I made this Caillou Birthday Cake for my son’s 3rd birthday this year, he is enamored with Caillou!

This is a layered 9″ white cake. I used professionally made buttercream frosting, because I can never get it smooth enough. I used store-bought colored frosting for the decorations. I just kept it simple and drew Caillou’s face and ear (though the ear is too close to his face, here, really). Then around the sides, I drew his collar, and wrote Happy Birthday!

To make his cheeks rosy, I dipped a gloved finger in water and put a little pink (made with white and red frosting together, same as I used for his mouth) frosting dab on the cake where his cheeks were. I used the wet gloved finger to blush his cheeks, in a circular motion. Do not use too much red frosting here or he’ll look like a clown!

After I was done with it all, I put our birthday party hat on Caillou’s head, and voila! Caillou is here to celebrate with us!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Caillou Birthday Cake”

  1. where did you find the birthday hats? I don’t know if they don’t make them anymore or what?
    The cake is adorable. I plan to attempt this for my son’s 2nd birthday party! Thanks for the pic!


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