Coolest Caillou Cake

We have a church ministry that is called Celebration Cakes Ministry. We are all volunteers that get together and make special birthday cakes for children who would not receive one. We work by referrals and come together for a common goal and purpose. Our blessings are the fellowship and making a child feel special on their birthday. Showing God’s love one cake at a time. None of the volunteers are professionals, we all are learning as we create these cakes.

This Caillou cake was the first time we tried to sculpt any figures. We purchased the colored rolled Wilton fondant to start. I only took pictures of the final cake but I can describe how the sculptures were made.

1. Take the yellow and create a base by rolling the fondant in your hands to form an oval ball. I placed the ball on wax paper and began molding the body. I used a lollipop stick down thru the body so that it could support the body and head.

2. I took the skin colored fondant and rolled (by hand) out a ball for his head.  Also rolled out 4 pieces for the arms and legs (also just by hand, no roller required).

3. Take the round ball for the head and pinch out two ears with your fingers. Then make the in print in the ears with the tip of a small artist brush. I made a small ball for his nose and made a hole with the end of the artist brush then applied a small amount of water and placed the nose on.

4. I made him a hat out of the blue and yellow and placed on his head. Then made eyes, eyebrows and mouth.

5. You attach the legs and arms with water. Then I took red and blue fondant and pushed on him to make shoes.

We then all made circles, presents and cut outs of trains and planes for the cake.

We wrapped the 8 inch and 6 inch cakes with Satin Ice White fondant and began decorating.

We are very proud of the cake and the 3 year old was very excited to have his very own Caillou Cake!! What a blessing!  We had a wonderful time and got to really be creative with this cake.

Coolest Caillou Cake

Coolest Caillou Cake

Coolest Caillou Cake

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