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My Caillou Fan’s Last-Minute Birthday Cake

After waiting thirteen years for my baby, my youngest son turned two today and he is a huge fan of this cut little Caillou! With a small budget and last minute decisions I made this cake for my special little guy. Going on little sleep and after 7hrs of hard work early that day I accomplished this cake in 1hr 30min. I have never in my life made a cake like this!   But I gave it a shot knowing my little man would just love it.

This cake turned out pretty great and even the adults could not help but love this adorable little Caillou! When the birthday boy seen his cake for the first time his eyes light up and he gasped with his hand on his lips. CAILLOU! He refused to let us cut his cake, lol, but then he got a taste of the frosting and just had to have Caullou’s mouth. It was a hit and a memory of pure love and happiness I will never forget. He had the biggest most beautiful smile as we all sang happy birthday. Looking at each one of us and then his cake. He loved every minute of it. Happy second bday my little angle! Thanks for letting us share are story and pic.

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