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Coolest Candy Land Cake

I made this Candy Land cake for my granddaughter’s 2nd birthday. She had a Candy Land theme and I wanted to make something special. I got the idea partly from a cake in the Wilton 2008 book and a picture of King Kandy’s castle in her Candy Land book.

I used the towers from the Wilton Castle kit. I baked two cakes in a 9×9 square angel food pan. I frosted the bottom layer and put a layer of white fondant on top then the second layer and frosted the whole cake and covered it with fondant that was tinted dark ivory.

The night before the party I made the “cone towers” with dark ivory fondant. I covered the top part of the plastic tower and then used my fondant cutter to lightly make the lines on the bottom part of the fondant to make it look like an ice cream cone.

I then put a cup cake top on the top of the “cone” and frosted it and put sprinkles and a red mini m-n-m for the “cherry”. I used royal icing to attach the m-ms to the windows and door, I molded “Happy Birthday Maddy” using letter candy molds painting the red stripes and filling in with white chocolate to make it look like peppermints. I baked cupcakes in ice cream cake cones and topped with frosting and sprinkles and m-ms. I used royal icing to attach gumdrops, peppermints, etc.

It was a huge success ! She was worth all of the effort.

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